Dash Insert Installation

Dash Insert

The Mustang II Dash insert kit is produced by Classic Auto Reproductions and is laser cut to ensure a tight fit. There are a number of combinations available based on if you have air conditioning and/or a clock on the passenger side.


  1. Clean surface – The inserts are cut to fit directly over the existing stock dash
  2. Lay the insert finished side down, then using an adhesive (Most customers use contact cement or weather-strip adhesive) coat the insert as well as the larger areas on the dash, just be sure to tape off the areas that you do not want to coat.
  3. Begin laying the insert around the center and work towards the sides, be careful not to press down until you are sure the alignment is correct. 
  4. Lastly, after the fit is right using your thumbs press the insert firmly onto the dash and be sure that there is proper adhesion. 

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