Mustang II Stereo - With Bluetooth
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Mustang II Stereo - With Bluetooth


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Bluetooth Radio for 1974-1978 Ford Mustang

The 1974-1978 Ford Mustang USA-740 radio is our top of the line radio. It features an AM/FM digital tuner, Bluetooth built in, a USB port, two auxiliary inputs, and the ability to add a CD player with the CD-1 single disc player. This 1974-1978 Ford Mustang radio from Custom Autosound and allows you to listen to the radio, stream music from your phone and talk hands free without having to cut the dash of your 1974-1978 Ford Mustang. Custom Autosound is the leader in the classic car radio industry and this radio does not disappoint.

Bluetooth Built-In

The USA-740 1974-1978 Ford Mustang radio has Bluetooth built-in so that you can wireless play the music from your phone through the speakers in your classic car. You can use Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Podcasts, or whatever other audio apps you like including the Sirius XM app, if you are a subscriber. In addition to Bluetooth streaming, the USA-740 also comes with a microphone so that you can obey the laws and talk on your cell phone, handsfree.

AM/FM + (2) AUX Jacks + USB + 300W Peak Power

The 1974-1978 Ford Mustang USA-740 radio has a digital tuner like virtually all radios today so you don't need to worry about the station bouncing due to vibrations or bumps in the road. For the AUX inputs, there are two. There is a 3.5mm stereo jack in the lower right hand corner of the radio face and there is an RCA AUX input on the back of the radio. Like the USA-630, the USA-740 has a USB port on the back of the radio. The USB port will play songs off of a thumb drive and will charge your devices, but the USB port does not support audio playback from your devices.

The USA-740 puts out 300 watts of peak power to 4 channels. This is the same output as the USA-630 and the Slidebar radio, and more power than the USA-230. If you want truly amazing sound, add an amplifier. If you want the best sound quality without an amplifier, this is the way to go.

4 Channel + Subwoofer Pre-Outs

If you want to add an amplifier, the USA-740 1974-1978 Ford Mustang radio comes with 4 channel pre-outs for the speakers as well as a subwoofer pre-out and subwoofer control on the radio. If you want to add a 4 channel amplifier, simply ignore the subwoofer pre-out. But, if you want to add a 5 channel amplifier, connect the subwoofer RCA cable to the pre-out on the back of the radio and you can control the subwoofer level directly on the radio. We still recommend a bass knob because it's faster and easier, but if you don't want to deal with the bass knob, the subwoofer control works well too.

7 Color LCD Display + Dimmer

You can change the color of the diplay on the USA-740 to match your vehicle's exterior color, interior color, or the color of the rest of your interior lights. This is perfect if you have Dakota Digital gauges or something similar. You can ensure that the radio display matches the rest of your interior lights. In addition to the multi-color display, this radio also allows you to select the brightness of the LCD display on the radio beetween 0-7. Everyone has a different tolerance for brightness when driving at night and this allows you to set the brightness to the ideal setting for your eyes.

Fits In the Original Dash Location of 1974-1978 Ford Mustang

If you want a Bluetooth radio in your 1974-1978 Ford Mustang, this Custom Autosound USA-740 is the way to go.