1974-1978 Mustang II Front Tucked Bumper

$ 225.00

1974-1978 Mustang II Front Tucked Bumper

Tucked bumper ships unfinished and requires light body work to ready it for paint.  The tucked bumper also requires the removal of existing bumper assembly (some fabrication and modifications are required to mount the bumper).

This Bumper comes in 3 styles:

- Flush mount to fender W/Flare at bottom to accommodate King Cobra Air Dam

- Flush mount to fender for non King Cobra cars

- Wrap around front edge of fender approximately 1" at top to 1.5" at bottom.  This can be used with all models including King cobra Air Dam.  Additional work is needed to attach bumper.

Please note: This Bumper does not meet OEM specifications, it is intended to be used as a light weight alternative for drag racing or show cars.

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