Mustang II Seat Upholstery & Interior Tech

Most interior pieces are currently being reproduced for the Mustang II. Items like carpets, seat upholstery and dash kits are readily available and are relatively easy to install. Smaller items like sun visor pins and coin trays are quick to swap out and can help refresh the details of your interior.

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Dash Insert

The Mustang II Dash insert kit is produced by Classic Auto Reproductions and is laser cut to ensure a tight fit. There are a number of combinations available based on if you have air conditioning and/or a clock on the passenger side.


  1. Clean surface – The inserts are cut to fit directly over the existing stock dash
  2. Lay the insert finished side down, then using an adhesive (Most customers use contact cement or weather-strip adhesive) coat the insert as well as the larger areas on the dash, just be sure to tape off the areas that you do not want to coat.
  3. Begin laying the insert around the center and work towards the sides, be careful not to press down until you are sure the alignment is correct. 
  4. Lastly, after the fit is right using your thumbs press the insert firmly onto the dash and be sure that there is proper adhesion.



Seat upholstery


Mustang II seat upholstery came from the factory in a variety of colors and combinations. Reproduced seat upholstery may not be suitable for concourse level restorations, but are an extremely close match to the original patterns and colors. However, it should be noted that almost all interiors will have some degree of color fading over time, so a reproduction vinyl seat may be closer to the original color from the factory than what is currently in each car.

Part 1: Seat Cover Removal

Before starting your project, you're going to want to remove the original vinyl seat covers from your seats. You want to confirm that the foam underneath is suitable for new covers (almost all foam is unless it's sat outside in the elements), and clean any rust off of the original seat frame. Note that there is no reproduction seat frame or springs available.

Tech Notes:

  • Save all pieces until your reupholstering project is complete
  • Have a long flathead screwdriver and strong wire cutters handy
  • Do not pry the headrests off, be careful with the black surround where the post enters the seat
  • The back and seat portion of the vinyl have a thin foam backing. If your seats have cracked, this is likely what you see underneath
  • There is a wire frame inside a sewn channel in the seat bottom. This can be removed (cut out with a razor) from the original cover and be reused

Video below outlines the entire process of removing the vinyl in great detail


Part 2: Seat Cover Installation

About: The seats are not particularly challenging to install. You can easily install a seat cover in an afternoon, and make it look great. There are a number of tips and tricks that you can use for a successful installation

Tech Notes:

  • When installing the headrest cover, it is important to heat the vinyl up with a heat gun or leave it out in the sun. You should also cover the foam headrest in cellophane and the cover will slide on.
  • Be careful when making cuts for release knob and headrest holes
  • Make sure to paint or clean the frame before installing new upholstery