Mustang II Bumper and Body Tech

The Mustang II has a number of aftermarket bumper and body panels available to customize the look and repair your car. This page provides an overview for modifying your Mustang II, but it should be noted that any change to your car will result in a change from OEM safety standards.

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 What is a Bolt On Bumper?

The Mustang II front and rear bumpers have the mandatory safety features that were present in the 70's. The "safety bumpers" needed to collapse in at roughly 5 mph, thus requiring shock absorbers behind each bumper. The stock Mustang II (front and rear) bumpers are a 2 piece design, consisting of an inner structure (crossmember) and an outer urethane bumper that you see. Our "bolt on" bumpers are made to bolt directly to the crossmember, which connects directly to the impact absorbers. The video below shows how this assembly is put together.



Front Valance

The Mustang II Front Valance came standard on all Mustang II's from 74-78 (though 74 was slightly different). We offer a fiberglass valance replacement as almost all factory units were cracked and sagged in the middle. The Cobrba II Spoiler requires the use of a valance for fitment. Install the valance before painting to ensure a perfect fit. Installing the front valance is quite simple:

  1. Remove the lower valance mounting brackets on the radiator mount
  2. Loosen the support brackets for the fenders as they are able to move in and out
  3. Trim any excess fiberglass that may be protruding into the fender for a tight fit
  4. Sand the corners of lower valance where it meets the fenders with 80 grit sand paper
  5. Sand the back of the valance flange where necessary. The stock fenders are not perfectly flat, and the valance should be contoured as needed.
  6. Drill mounting holes into the flange on the fender, and on the valance flange. Only 4 total bolts should be necessary to hold the valance on.


Rear Spoiler Installation

The Mustang II rear spoiler requires the use of bolts through the factory sheet metal.