1974-1978 Mustang II Fiberglass Rear Bumper

$ 212.00

1974-1978 Mustang II Fiberglass Rear Bumper

There are 2 version of this bumper available

Bolt On: This bumper is a bolt on version of our fiberglass skin,  it attaches directly to the stock cross-member.

Fiberglass Skin: This bumper is a fiberglass skin only and will require fabrication by customer to bond directly to the stock cross-member.

As with any fiberglass part, the Mustang II Bumper ships unfinished and requires light body work to ready it for paint.  There is a seam on each end where the mold bolts together, this leaves a seam that will require light sanding and filler to get it ready for paint. The Flanges on the top are left slightly long to accommodate for inconsistencies in the body line, with some cars this will need to be filed down slightly to allow for a perfect fit.  Typically this is towards the corners where the taillight panel meets the quarter panel.

If you have never purchased a fiberglass replacement before I would recommend reaching out to us and get more information.

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