Fully Tucked - 1978 Mustang II

As great as a stock Cobra II is, sometimes it's nice to see some creativity and an OEM + appearance. This amazing 1978 Mustang II was built by Wayne Kauffman, and features a built 351 with an auto transmission, sitting on a set of American Racing Outlaw II wheels.

Far from a stock body, Wayne added a front and rear tucked bumper, but trimmed the center section of the rear bumper to create a channel around the license plate. The bulging stock front bumpers have been removed, and the impact absorbers have been trimmed back to fit.

You can spot a few Classic Auto Reproductions parts displayed prominently around the car:

  • Tucked front bumper
  • Rear Roll Pan (with a trimmed channel)
  • Front Spoiler
  • Rear Spoiler
  • Valance

Wayne stuck with an OEM style Cobra II front spoiler, but painted both it, and the valance, to match. It goes without saying that the matte black accents around the car give it a mean stance, and the raised hood looks track-ready. If you look closely you can spot a dual side exit exhaust poking out just in front of the rear tires. While we haven't heard this car in person, we can assume that it makes it's presence known.

Wayne has completely redone the interior in a black to match the accent colors, and has kept the OEM style vertical stitch upholstery. He's also changed the dash to the aluminum dash inserts, just like the original Mustang II Cobra interior.

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